This is a place where I mainly talk about development but also my other interests.

The wonders of vagrant


Woaw. It really had been a while since I posted something! So I've got a new life in Marseille. I'm back in Perfeo part time, and I work as a freelancer from home in the afternoons. I really enjoy it. It's a good mi...

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Back in Marseille!


The holiday is over! After an epic road trip in the US (3 months, 13000km), I'm now back in Europe and I've settled back in Marseille with my girlfriend. We had the best time in North America, visiting our friend...

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On holiday for a long road trip


My girlfriend and I have taken the decision to go on a long road trip in North America for 3 months, before moving back to Europe. We have already been on the road for a week now. We've gone through Seattle and Port...

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My new favourite code editor


After years on Sublime text, I have now switched to Visual Studio Code. I love it. It is written in Electron, like Atom. I did give that one a go too when it came out, but switched back to Sublime because of perfo...

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Quick update


It’s been a while since I last posted an article here, Canada has kept me busy… Since I started that job at Autotrader back in March, I’ve learned a whole bunch of new things so I thought I’d summarize it and go thr...

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Early days in Vancouver


I've arrived in Vancouver BC on the 14th of February on a working holiday VISA. I kinda needed a change of scenery and really wanted to travel for a while. Love it so far, the city is full of cool bars and places, f...

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Restoring and colouring an old photograph


For Christmas this year, I wanted to offer something special to my father. He always had this old portrait photograph of his father, my grandad. He's posing in his Italian army uniform, back in the late 30s whe...

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On a quest for the perfect CMS


WordPress has been the CMS I use in most projects for quite a few years now. There is a simple reason for that: I'm yet to find a better solution than WordPress + ACF Pro for rapid development. ACF is a wordpre...

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An introduction to Webpack


After working for years with Grunt and Gulp, I decided it was about time to have a look at Webpack. Webpack is a bundler, as opposed to a task runner. It was first introduced mainly for Javascript development but...

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How to achieve a good git workflow


For a while, I've been trying to figure out a better git workflow. When I first started coding, version control wasn't a mandatory thing yet. It is something I learned along the way. I could not imagine a world with...

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