Quick update


It’s been a while since I last posted an article here, Canada has kept me busy… Since I started that job at Autotrader back in March, I’ve learned a whole bunch of new things so I thought I’d summarize it and go through my favourites.


I never got to play with the new features of the last version of Javascript and I got to say, some are very useful. I really enjoy template literals, arrow functions and promises.


Finally got to try this very popular framework and I’m impressed. It’s super easy to learn and very efficient.


Great to store and manipulate a large amount of data in the browser.


This is an amazing nodejs tool to quickly build a REST api out of almost any source of data. It’s built on top of express.

Gulp string replace

This gulp plugin allows you to search and replace text within files, using regular expressions. It has helped me to automise things in our workflow.

Chrome extension

Building a chrome extension is dead easy: HTML/CSS/JS. It’s good to make your life easier if a lot of clicks are involved in your daily routine.

Apart from that, life is great in Vancouver, weather is getting very nice and I enjoy the nature in BC. Oh, and also, I’m planning some travelling this summer as well as a long road trip in the US from end of August.