The wonders of vagrant


Woaw. It really had been a while since I posted something! So I've got a new life in Marseille. I'm back in Perfeo part time, and I work as a freelancer from home in the afternoons. I really enjoy it. It's a good mix and it gives me a lot of flexibility.

At Perfeo, developers run on Windows. Some on windows 7 and some on windows 10. I wanted to be able to use a mac as well, and have everyone run the same dev environment. Here comes vagrant. It's a great tool to easily create a virtual machine with all the tools you need. It's completely independant to your system, so you don't have to mess up your computer. Everything is contained and if you do anything wrong, you can just destroy the VM and recreate it.

It is a bit old and there are more efficient ways to run websites locally nowadays, such as docker. Nethertheless, vagrant is a great tool and it still works great. Very easy to provision with a shell script, and some plugins make it work very well, even enabling NFS on windows computers: