Music Band Website

The Dirteez are a rock'n'roll band from Marseille.

I've joined the band as a drummer in late 2019. They needed a new website and I thought I could try a famous nodejs static site generator: GatsbyJS. The front-end is based on React.

The site is hosted on netlify, so everytime a commit is pushed on the master branch on the gitlab repository, a deployment is automtically done. Very convenient. Being a static website, it is very efficient and everything loads instantly. There is also no security risks or back-end caching issues to think about.

The gigs are fetched from Songkick via their API. There is no content management system as this is a simple static website that rarely needs updates.

  • Tools: GatsbyJS, Songkick API, React, Netlify, NodeJS, Webpack
  • Role: Design, Back-end and front-end development