Matilda the Musical

Global Map Webapp

Matilda the Musical is a theatre adaptation of the classic book by Roald Dahl.

The main character takes a particular pose in the show that fans like to imitate. To encourage social sharing and engage the audience, we created a web application allowing people to post a photograph of themselves taking the pose, and pin it on a world map wherever the picture was taken.

Markers for each location are placed on a fullscreen map using the Google Maps API. When there are too many of them in the same area, they get grouped together in a cluster, until the map is zoomed in enough to show them separately. When the user clicks on a marker, a lightbox opens up to show the fan pictures taken at this location.

Anybody can participate and post a picture. The app will look for a location in the photo metatags and suggest it if available. Otherwise, it will ask for the permission to use the browser geolocation, and ultimately allow the user to adjust the address and search for places on a map.

Finally, a custom administration area allows managers to review and approve/decline submissions.

  • Tools: Slim, Google Maps API, RichMarker, Cluster
  • Role: Prototyping, Back-end/front-end development